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About Us

Minority Affairs is a career, employment, and educational Web site that is dedicated to empowering minority job seekers, and, simultaneously strengthening and preserving workplace diversity.

Minority Affairs is committed to providing minority job seekers with a wide range of valuable resources that will assist them in furthering their career goals and achieving a high degree of job satisfaction. Job seekers can access and search our unique and up-to-date database of companies seeking minority applicants, and also have the option of researching the background, practices and policies of these companies. Our EOE Forum gives companies an avenue to proudly promote their corporate image, workplace diversity, and hiring practices.

Besides our diverse database of job listings, we also offer both job applicants and companies a wide variety of information to help expand their knowledge and understanding of workplace diversity and employment issues. This database of information runs the gamut from human resources, employment laws and legislation guidelines, to minority organizations, educational contacts and career guidance.

The staff at Minority Affairs has over 12 years of experience in the field of workplace diversity. We have worked with EOE publications, partnership programs linking business and education, stay-in-school programs, minority recruiting, special event projects for higher education, and community awareness programs. In 1998 and 1999 Minority Affairs was the proud recipient of the Multicultural Heritage Award.

It is the mission of Minority Affairs to go well beyond the services of being a recruitment Web site for minority applicants. We strive to address the issues, questions, concerns, and needs of workplace diversity, and to foster an understanding of workplace diversity in all aspects of today’s corporate environment.



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